BOOK. CONTEMPORARIES, Thirty Photographers of Today

25 €

CONTEMPORARIES. Thirty Photographers of Today brings together thirty contemporary photographers of different nationalities  (Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela and the United States), and with different photographic styles. Photojournalism, street photography, reporting, portrait and artistic and landscape photography are all covered in this book.

More than 200 images representing the various artists are accompanied by personalised texts that give an insight into the technique used. Are also included are biographies and a directory with individual contact details and addresses.

Contemporaries. Thirty Photographers of Today was conceived by the photographer Rubén García. Its aim is to give exposure to the thirty participating Spanish and foreign photographers, as a group rather than as individuals.

This volume is certainly a welcome innovative publication that discovers and gives credence to a new generation of distinguished photographers which, in continuous motion, brings to light new aesthetic proposals.

FANZINE. ContemporáneosZine #cero – NO WORDS

15 €

“ContemporáneosZine” is a Black&White self edited fanzine which tries to push up independent photography. The n°0 of this publication is No Words and the authors are: Marta Areces, Javier Ayuso, César Blay, Cristina Calvo, Carlos Folgoso, Pedro Galisteo, Rubén García, Nicolás Haro, Oliver Haupt, Jesús Labandeira, Diambra Mariani, Veronika Marquez, Robert H. Pittman, Rubén Plasencia, Manel Quiros, Fernanda Ramos, Juan Rodríguez, Emilio Roselló, Ely Sánchez, Juan Sande, Óscar Vázquez Chambó, Lucia Ybarra, Manuel Zamora and Alfonso Zubiaga.

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